Wildlife in the Spotlight

10 May

6 May

23 April

  • CITES calls for nations to view wildlife and forestry crimes as organised transnational offences. According to the latest United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report on transnational organized crime in East Asia and the Pacific
  • Total value of the illegal wildlife trade is at $2.5 billion
  • Illegal trade in wood-based products is worth $17 billion.
  • Juxtaposed against the entire region’s illicit market of $90 billion, this market share is  comparable to the trafficking of people, drugs and counterfeit goods

19 April

  • Russia and Japan increase penalties on criminals convicted of smuggling endangered animal products. TRAFFIC says these initiative by two nations previously often associated with animal smuggling mirrors a “shift in global perceptions about the endangered wildlife trade”.

9 April

21 March

  • Hong Kong is becoming the Ivory Trade’s “Fort Knox” according to a CNN report. CNN said that US$ 6 million (or 6 tonnes) worth of ivory had been confiscated by customs officials in the last six months alone. This poses a problem as countries are losing ivory quantities from their stockpiles of legally acquired ivory. While Chinese consumerism is driving the upward trend of ivory trading, China is doing more than any other country when it comes to seizures.
  • Elephants killed from the sky in East Africa in ‘single worst elephant killing ever
  • View the fascinating videos that are included in this article. The growth in economic power in the Far East nations has allowed consumers to afford luxuries such as ivory. For traders, it appears that the fewer elephants there are, the higher the prices are for an individual tusk. Which means that poaching is indirectly driving up the prices ivory.

13 March


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